"...This book is unusual with its content being both compelling and unsettling. For this reviewer it is quite brilliant... It is littered with clumps of excellent rhyming and blank verse. The final poem had me in tears. It summed up the whole diary. It is aimed at parents and teens and is the ideal book for understanding the difficulties of these years...

"I found this book hard to put down because it is a confronting view from inside the mind and heart of a teenager growing up... Cleverly written this articulate and creative young woman diarises her journey from early teens... it is a resounding warning to us all. My overriding emotion after reading the NZ book, was that we must do everything possible to get parents attention to be proactive in engaging with their children..."

JaneInside is a hard-hitting, insightful... Jane Inside is an important book for New Zealanders. Jane could be any nzgirl. She could be you. The fact that this is a true story made it feel immediately relevant. I liked how the diary segments were broken up by poems, which were often brilliant in their own right. And while the subject is no laughing matter, the author injects enough humour and compassion into the mix to make it work.
Hawke's Bay Today

Mary Grant, Parenting Inc Magazine

Clea Marshall, NZ girl Website