"....Disturbing, painful, shocking, hard to face. Brilliant....""I believe Jane's book is so authentic and so in tune with kids, that it will make a difference and give troubled kids and their friends hope. It will help them (parents) recognise, understand and hopefully give them some counsel when they are confronted with teenagers feeling that they can't make it. JaneInside is a real life, real time documentary which can make a real difference."

"What an awe-inspiring book! I never once felt like I was being told how I should live. It's a true account from a parent who isn't in denial about what it is like to be a teenager. Somehow JaneInside gave me a greater understanding of why we as teenagers feel the way we do".

"VERY compelling reading, brilliant!"

"...It's a fascinating book... Is very compelling, once you get in there you just want to keep on digging and delving...(an) opportunity to understand the gulf between the generations..."

"... It was really candid and a well written diary... It was really, really worth reading... you start reading it and you go 'this is incredible, what an amazing book...' I certainly saw myself in the book..."
Kevin Roberts, a father & Worldwide CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi

Keisha Castle-Hughes, teenager & actress

Susan Baird, Artist, Sydney

Radio interview with Simon Dallow, Viva FM

Radio interview with Karyn Hay, Kiwi FM