A frightening, true story of a teenager who created a character to protect herself. She became an actor who did what she thought she had to do to make it. She went to extremes. She made herself look how they wanted her to look. Said things they wanted to hear. Was seen with people they wanted her to be with. Jane became what they, her audience, wanted. So convincing they thought she (the character) was real. She is real now, so real that Jane could be a nobody, a somebody and anybody.

“All kids, teenagers, adults - people, go through stages that at times can become a stage. I went through stages, that became stages, I was your average teenager and she is inside so that you can be angry, disappointed and understand her.”

It follows Jane's thoughts and experiences from age 12 to 21, with boys, friends, popularity, sex, drugs, alcohol, parties and death. Filled with diary entries, poems and doodles, JaneInside is written for teenagers, parents and anyone in-between. It's an honest and true account of being a teen.

JaneInside was published in New Zealand by Kevin Roberts of Saatchi & Saatchi:
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